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Community Land Trust Materials and Links

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CLT Flyer pdf CLT Workshop - 15July2015, Truro 0.4
CLT Audio mp3 CLT Workshop - 15July2015, Truro [4-hr] 80.7
CLT Pres. pdf CLT Workshop Presentation-15July2015, Truro       4.6
  • Michael Lewis, the presenter, Lewiscccr@shaw.ca strongly recommended the CLT Technical Manual and the other resources at the National Community Land Trust Network. Also see Mike's group, Canadian Centre for Community Renewal, http://communityrenewal.ca/ for useful information.
  • Robert Cervelli robert.cervelli@gmail.com is a local resource on this issue with many years of developing understanding of CLTs.
  • Link to the CLT Technical Manual http://cltnetwork.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/MASTER-CLT-MANUAL.pdf  This is the pre-eminent resource. It is very applicable to most of the decisions that related to affordable housing of all types.
  • National Community Land Trust Network http://cltnetwork.org/ US, but is very applicable to Canada.
  • http://cltnetwork.org/tools/ Tools & Resources. Everything you need is probably right here.
  • https://vimeo.com/122560078  Thriving Communities: Lopez Community Land Trust -- Inspirational video from Canada.
  • The Nova Scotia Co-operative Council http://www.novascotia.coop has a strong interest in this and has some resources and ideas. 902-896-7291
  • Jennifer Greenberg jenredfox@gmail.com presented about two NS farms that are good local working examples of this general approach as done in co-operation with the Ecology Action Centre. We have two farms with conservation easements, the first one (Ironwood Farm) was established in 2005, and the second one (Red Fox Co-op) in 2006. For information http://heliotrust.org/about/
  •  Farmland Conservation - Heliotrust has conserved two farms on the Hants Shore of Nova Scotia through Conservation Easements. It has set up an Endowment Fund for potential future farmland conservation and legal challenges. To see a copy of a Conservation Easement documents (PDF), click on the link for each farm. Ironwood Farm and Red Fox Co-op.

Other Reference Materials

Housing Nova Scotians

Housing Nova Scotians: A Fresh Look

Halifax Land Use ByLaws

Halifax Land Use ByLaws - St. Margaret's Bay

Lopez Community Land Trust

Thriving Communities: Lopez (Washington) Community Land Trust Video

Tantallon Watershed Servicing Study

Tantallon Watershed Servicing Study

Affordable Housing

Chronicle Herald - July 2012 "Helping hand makes home affordable"


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South Shore Housing Action Coalition Website

Halifax Housing Needs Assessment, October 2015

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Halifax Housing Needs Asseement Study Areas